Angel is one of uncommon variation of Funghi.


Angel is a Funghi with bright yellow cap with 'wing ears' and a golden halo. Its eyes are always appear closed and always smiling in contentment.

With its wings, it is capable of flying, but not by flapping them.

Apparently, as how the series explain Angel, it seems persistent and keen in the objective of sending everyone to heaven.

Sculpty, an angel-like statue Funghi, resembles Angel and works together with it in its mission.

Description Edit

Mushroom Garden
“A celestial Funghi.
Look out, he might
send you to heaven!”
Mushroom Garden Deluxe
“Mission: to take all
in sight to Heaven.
Luckily there's a
screen between you.
“That looks so great!
The perfect image!
You get 5☆, so
stop looking at me.”
NEO Mushroom Garden
“Takes his prey to the heavens.
By all means.
Or else if affects his payroll.”
Theme Comments
Merry Christmas : “Gonna sing a song.”
Nightly Clouds : “Uses the Brocken spectre effect.”
Nostalgic Home : “You let it go now.”
The Battle Cats : "Fancy Bird Cat. Cool huh?"
“Don't stare in the
eyes, or it will take
you to the heavens.”

Lures (Walk-A-Funghi) Edit

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15 Angel

Trivia Edit

It contains spoiler of NEO Mushroom Garden.
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  • Personality : Sincere
  • Skill : Kindly Smile
  • Favorite Line : Ascension
  • Favorite Place : Heaven
  • Charm Point : Wings on the Head
  • Weak Point : Halo
  • Does Daily : Guide to Heaven
  • Secret : Smile


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