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Mushroom Garden Deluxe

HNY-13, FLO-16
Is very very friendly,
and likes to play with people.
Men's best friend.
Actually befriends anything.

NEO Mushroom Garden

"His tail act according to his
emotion. When happy, it swings
at super-sonic speed."
Theme Comments
Riverside Camping: "Doing some life saving."


"Out for a Walk!
Walk a Funghi!"

Lures (Walk-A-Funghi) Edit

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22 Doggy

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It contains spoiler of NEO Mushroom Garden.
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  • Personality : Playful
  • Skill : Obedience
  • Favorite Line : Good Dog
  • Favorite Place : Dog Run
  • Charm Point : Friendliness
  • Weak Point : Bad Guard Dog
  • Likes : Play with Ball
  • Hates : "Stay!"

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