Funghi sprout

Funghi sprout

The Funghi is the titular mushroom for the Mushroom Garden series and was originally a character in the Touch Detective series where he played the role of Detective's Assistant.

Funghi is the most common of all the varieties of funghi and along with Withered has the distinction of appearing in every game and library.

Appearance Edit

A very plain mushroom with a brown head and a milky brown body. Sometimes it is decorated in a manner that expresses the log or theme.

Description Edit

Mushroom Garden
“An edible Funghi. He works as an assistant detective.”
Mushroom Garden Seasons
“Everyone loves our hero, Funghi. Nnf nnf!”
Mushroom Garden Deluxe
"Slimy mushroom that
says, “nnf...nnf...”
Will happily jump
into some miso soup.
NEO Mushroom Garden
“Edible fungus that aims to take over the dining table. Wants to become the staple food.”
“Says 'Nnf Nnf.' The usual ones. Easy to collect.”

Lures (Walk-A-Funghi) Edit

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01 Funghi

Trivia Edit

It contains spoiler of NEO Mushroom Garden.
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  • Personality : Impulsive
  • Skill : Propagation
  • Favorite Line : Fungal Domination
  • Favorite Place : Wet and Cool
  • Charm Point : Lovely Eyes
  • Weak Point : Dryness
  • Cries : Nnf Nnf
  • Favorite Time of Year : October


  • Choco Log, Front, Picked
  • Choco Log, Left, Picked
  • Choco Log, Right, Picked
  • Fir Log, Front, Grown
  • Fir Log, Left, Grown
  • Fir Log, Right, Grown
  • Halloween Log, Front, Picked
  • Halloween Log, Left, Picked
  • Halloween Log, Right, Picked
  • Monster Log, Front, Picked
  • Monster Log, Left, Picked
  • Monster Log, Right, Picked
  • Curriculum vitae of Funghi