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Welcome to the WikiEdit

This wiki is devoted to information about the Mushroom Garden series of Funghi Gardening game apps by Beeworks Games . The wiki was only established on the 24th of August 2012, please be patient as more information is gradually being added. If you have questions about the wiki/games or want to help please feel free to contact the founder, Sir Machius, about what needs to be done.

About the GamesEdit

The Mushroom Garden series is a spinoff from the Touch Detective app game. The apps are available for both iOS and Android. The basic game play involves growing, then collecting various unusual species of mushrooms from a log and upgrading the tools such as the Heat Lamp, Humidifier and Warmer in order to better be able to grow a greater variety of different mushrooms. There are currently 5 different apps in the series:

Order # Icon Title Description Release Date Developer Homepage
1 Mushroom Garden Mushroom Garden (aka Funghi Gardening Kit) The original game in the series. Jun 15, 2011 Homepage
2 Seasons Mushroom Garden Seasons Based around various seasons such as Christmas. Nov 20, 2011 Homepage
3 Deluxe Mushroom Garden Deluxe Adds new downloadable "events". Jul 20, 2012 Homepage
4 Neo NEO Mushroom Garden Adds the ability to collect items and customize food. Apr 9, 2014 Homepage
5 Walk-A-Funghi Icon Walk-A-Funghi Take the funghi out to walk for a totally new gameplay experience. Nov 19, 2014 Homepage

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