* Please note that "Favorite Theme" misrepresents themed forms for the funghi other than its "Original Form." These forms can be found on the flipped over side of each funghi's library entry.
Lib. # Funghi NP Trait Favorite Theme Favorite Food Machine (Unconfirmed)
1 Funghi 6 Normal All Themes All Food
2 Withered 0 All Themes All Food
3 Snowy 20 White Fancy Garden, Hush Hospital, Merry Christmas, Chara Pafe Cafe, Carp Streamer Beginner Machine
4 Stretch 40 Normal, Long Hush Hospital, Merry Christmas, Funghi Hinadan, Ghostly Bridge, Nostalgic Home, Tohato Paradise, Bike Rider Beginner Machine
5 Twins 50 Normal, Coexist Fantastic Fest, Funghi Circus, Riverside Camping, Chara Pafe Cafe, Tohato Paradise Beginner Machine
6 Spiky 90 Blue, Thorn Hush Hospital Beginner Machine
7 Tilty 77 Normal, Shape 5th Anniversary Beginner Machine
8 Blondie 60 Yellow Fancy Garden, Frisky Field, Funghi New Year, Riverside Camping, Cafe d'Funghi, Funghi Heroes Beginner Machine, Hero's Machine
9 Fauxghi 110 Normal, Fake Neo Factory, Fantastic Fest, Funghi Academy, Funghi Station, Funghi Castle, Bike Rider Beginner Machine
10 Veggie 120 Yellow, Green, Earth, Bitter, Plant, Summer Grassy Green, Frisky Field, Hush Hospital, Nightly Clouds, Riverside Camping, Fung Toy Box Beginner Machine
11 Nasty 66 Poison, Bitter, Scary, Plant Ghostly Bridge Beginner Machine
12 Capless 150 Normal, Shape Beached Shore, Frisky Field, Cafe d'Funghi, Tohato Paradise Beginner Machine
13 Funny 200 Heat, Horn, Sweet, Spicy Neo Factory, Fantastic Fest, Hush Hospital, 5th Anniversary, Sweet Love Choco Beginner Machine
14 Growly 35 Red, Horn, Scary Undiscovered Beginner Machine, Yokai Machine
15 Bunny 180 Normal, White, Animal, Hair, Love, Winter Grassy Green, Merry Christmas, Funghi Circus, Funghi Academy, Nostalgic Home, Chara Pafe Cafe Beginner Machine, X-Mas Machine, New Year Machine
16 Strawberry 120 Red, Earth, Sweet, Sour, Plant, Spring Grassy Green, Frisky Field, Merry Christmas, Funghi Hinadan, Sweet Love Choco, Chara Pafe Cafe Beginner Machine, X-Mas Machine, Spring Machine
17 Macho 160 Normal, Big, Strong Grassy Green, Fantastic Fest, Beached Shore, Frisky Field, Funghi Hinadan, Carp Streamer, 5th Anniversary, Nostalgic Home, Funghi Forest, The Battle Cats, Funghi Roll Cakes Beginner Machine, Manly Machine, Visitor Machine
18 Loner 180 Earth Beached Shore, Nightly Clouds, Fung-Sea Castle, Riverside Camping Beginner Machine
19 Spicy 200 Red, Heat, Spicy, Scary, Plant, Summer Frisky Field, Riverside Camping, Nostalgic Home, Cafe d'Funghi, Tohato Paradise, Funghi Forest Beginner Machine, Visitor Machine
20 Firstyear 100 Normal, Yellow, Black, Small, Love Grassy Green, Merry Christmas, Funghi Station, Carp Streamer, 5th Anniversary, Bike Rider, Funghi Roll Cakes Beginner Machine, X-Mas Machine
21 Kebab 210 Normal, Heat, Horn, Tasty, Shape, Winter Neo Factory, Funghi Onsen, Funghi Hinadan Beginner Machine
22 Plum 210 Red, Dry, Sour, Plant Funghi New Year, Sweet Love Choco, Nostalgic Home Beginner Machine
23 Ashy 260 Gray, Dry, Hair Frisky Field, Funghi Heroes Beginner Machine, Hero's Machine
24 Stewtwo 480 Normal, Heat, Water, Group, Tasty, Winter Grassy Green, Fung-Sea Castle, Funghi Onsen, Riverside Camping, Bike Rider Beginner Machine
25 Triplets 300 Normal, Coexist Beached Shore, Merry Christmas, Nightly Clouds, Funghi Hinadan Beginner Machine, X-Mas Machine
26 Angel 410 Yellow, White, Fly, Holy Merry Christmas, Nightly Clouds, Nostalgic Home, The Battle Cats Beginner Machine, X-Mas Machine
27 Biggy 410 Normal, Big, Strong Funghi New Year, Nightly Clouds, Funghi Station Beginner Machine
28 Shorty 80 Small, Love Fancy Garden, Funghi New Year, Sweet Love Choco, Chara Pafe Cafe, Tohato Paradise, The Battle Cats Beginner Machine
29 Deepsleep 360 Green, Spring Merry Christmas, Funghi New Year, Funghi Academy, Ghostly Bridge Beginner Machine, X-Mas Machine, Spring Machine
30 Multiply 500 Normal, Group Neo Factory, Hush Hospital Beginner Machine
31 Deadly 666 Poison, Scary Neo Factory, Hush Hospital Beginner Machine
32 Goldie 10000 Blue, Gold, Metal, Royal, Old Fung-Sea Castle, Funghi Mine, 5th Anniversary, Riverside Camping, Funghi Forest Beginner Machine, Visitor Machine
33 Poly 706 Yellow, Mystery, Parasite Funghi Academy, Cafe d'Funghi, Chara Pafe Cafe Beginner Machine
34 Craggy 710 Blue, Earth, Rock, Big, Hard Grassy Green, Beached Shore, Nightly Clouds, Bike Rider Beginner Machine
35 Rainbow 700 Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Weather, Beauty Nightly Clouds Beginner Machine
36 Surfer 500 Black, Summer Nostalgic Home, Funghi Forest Beginner Machine, Visitor Machine
37 Basket 2000 Normal, Group Frisky Field, Hush Hospital, Merry Christmas, Funghi Onsen, Funghi Hinadan, Fung Toy Box, Chara Pafe Cafe, Tohato Paradise, Bike Rider, The Battle Cats Beginner Machine
38 Archangel 810 Yellow, White, Big, Fly, Holy, Strong Merry Christmas, Nightly Clouds, Funghi Hinadan, Carp Streamer, Funghi Heroes, Bike Rider, Funghi Roll Cakes Beginner Machine, X-Mas Machine, Hero's Machine
39 Meowy 850 Animal, Fast Fancy Garden, Funghi New Year, Funghi Station, Nostalgic Home, Chara Pafe Cafe Beginner Machine, New Year Machine
40 Snipper 900 Green, Big, Horn, Strong Frisky Field, Funghi Heroes, Funghi Roll Cakes Beginner Machine, Hero's Machine
41 Lovely 1080 Pink, Love Fancy Garden, Nightly Clouds, Sweet Love Choco, Funghi Heroes, Chara Pafe Cafe, Funghi Forest Beginner Machine, Spring Machine, Hero's Machine
42 Primal 1000 Pink, Old, Hair Fancy Garden, Nightly Clouds, Fung-Sea Castle, Funghi Mine, Fung Toy Box Beginner Machine
43 Shogun 1250 Normal, Metal, Royal, Old, Hair Fantastic Fest, Hush Hospital, Funghi New Year, Funghi Circus, Carp Streamer, Cafe d'Funghi, Tohato Paradise, Funghi Roll Cakes Beginner Machine, Manly Machine
44 King 1500 Normal, Red, White, Gold, Metal, Royal, Old, Hair Funghi Academy, 5th Anniversary, Funghi Castle Beginner Machine
45 Oddball 110 White, Mystery Funghi Station, 5th Anniversary, Bike Rider
46 Meanie 800 Purple, Scary Funghi Heroes, Nostalgic Home
47 Mushryoshka 2000 Normal, Red, Small, Hard, Group Funghi New Year, Funghi Circus, Tohato Paradise, Funghi Forest Visitor Machine
48 Veteran 2100 Normal, Green, Old, Hair Riverside Camping
49 Rocky 80 Gray, Rock, Hard Nostalgic Home Adventure Machine
50 Spring 850 Green, Pink, Plant, Spring Undiscovered Spring Machine
51 Sticky 30 Green, Horn, Thorn, Plant Undiscovered
52 Matsutake 2500 Earth, Royal, Plant, Fall Nostalgic Home
53 Funghette 201 Red, Love Undiscovered
54 O.B. 307 Green, Long, Sweet Funghi Forest
55 Pengy 425 White, Black, Gray, Water, Ice, Small, Animal, Love Beached Shore, Funghi Station, Chara Pafe Cafe, Funghi Roll Cakes Beach Machine, Visitor Machine
56 Ribbon 1200 Pink, Love Undiscovered
57 Robo 610 Silver, Metal, Elec., Hard Funghi Station, Funghi Forest, The Battle Cats
58 Tasty 168 Earth, Mystery, Plant Nostalgic Home
59 Boxy 777 Mystery 5th Anniversary, Nostalgic Home
60 Bio 1111 Green, Poison, Scary Undiscovered
61 Neo 2500 Blue, Black, Elec., Horn 5th Anniversary
62 Crimsony 800 Red, Pink, Beauty, Love Undiscovered
63 Backy 880 Parasite Undiscovered
64 Sirfunghi 2000 Red, Gray, Royal, Hair Undiscovered
65 Flammy 6 Normal, Black, Heat Carp Streamer, Riverside Camping Manly Machine
66 Fireworks 160 Heat, Light, Beauty, Summer Hush Hospital, Nightly Clouds, 5th Anniversary Manly Machine
67 Sumo 240 Normal, Earth, Big, Strong, Hair Funghi New Year, Funghi Onsen, Carp Streamer Manly Machine
68 Loveangel 250 Yellow, White, Big, Fly, Holy, Strong, Love Merry Christmas, Nightly Clouds, Carp Streamer Manly Machine, X-Mas Machine, Spring Machine
69 Kungfu 320 Yellow, Fast, Strong Fantastic Fest, Funghi Hinadan Manly Machine
70 Samurai 350 Normal, Blue, Metal, Old Beached Shore, Frisky Field, Funghi New Year, Carp Streamer Manly Machine
71 Hermy 380 Earth, Big, Old, Strong Funghi New Year, Funghi Onsen Manly Machine
72 Oxy 420 Big, Horn, Animal, Strong, Hair Grassy Green, Frisky Field, Cafe d'Funghi, Funghi Castle, Funghi Roll Cakes Manly Machine, New Year Machine, Visitor Machine
73 Sporty 600 Gold, Metal, Big, Fast, Strong Beached Shore, Funghi Academy, Bike Rider Manly Machine
74 Ahh 800 Red, Big, Royal, Old, Holy, Strong Fantastic Fest, Merry Christmas, Funghi Mine, Funghi Onsen Manly Machine
75 Umm 800 Green, Big, Royal, Old, Holy, Strong Fantastic Fest, Merry Christmas, Funghi Mine, Funghi Onsen Manly Machine
76 Fluffy 120 White, Sweet, Summer Undiscovered
77 Apple 250 Red, Sweet, Sour, Plant, Fall, Winter Fantastic Fest, Funghi Circus
78 Festy 400 Red, Blue, Summer Undiscovered
79 Jellyfish 80 Blue, Water, Thorn, Summer Fung-Sea Castle Beach Machine
80 Tidy 120 Blue, Water Funghi Castle Beach Machine
81 Squiddy 198 White, Water Fantastic Fest, Cafe d'Funghi Beach Machine
82 Drifty 240 Water Nightly Clouds Beach Machine
83 Anemony 500 Purple, Water, Poison, Thorn, Hair Beached Shore, Fung-Sea Castle Beach Machine
84 Weedy 198 Green, Water, Tasty, Plant Frisky Field, Funghi New Year, Funghi Onsen Beach Machine
85 Seabath 90 Blue, Water, Summer Beached Shore, Fung-Sea Castle, Riverside Camping Beach Machine
86 Manatee 320 White, Water, Animal Undiscovered Beach Machine
87 Coral 800 Pink, Water, Beauty Undiscovered Beach Machine
88 Turtley 380 Yellow, Green, Water, Animal Fung-Sea Castle, Sweet Love Choco Beach Machine
89 King Squid 600 White, Water, Big, Strong Undiscovered Beach Machine
90 Venus 2500 White, Pink, Water, Royal, Beauty, Love Fancy Garden, Beached Shore, Funghi New Year, Funghi Onsen, Funghi Hinadan, Sweet Love Choco Beach Machine
91 Starfish 100 Normal, Pink, Water Undiscovered
92 Melanin 240 Parasite, Summer Bike Rider
93 Sharky 800 Blue, Water, Scary Undiscovered
94 Cabbage 120 Green, Earth, Plant Undiscovered Spring Machine
95 Scarecrow 300 Normal, Earth, Mystery Undiscovered
96 Mandrake 380 Earth, Scary, Plant Undiscovered
97 Club 500 Normal, Blue Funghi Mine Adventure Machine
98 Corny 600 Yellow, Green, Earth, Sweet, Plant, Hair, Summer Riverside Camping, Funghi Forest Visitor Machine
99 Nursey 160 Yellow, White, Fly, Love Undiscovered
100 Mummy 250 White, Dry, Scary Undiscovered
101 Pharmy 480 Green, Poison, Bitter, Plant Funghi Circus
102 Doctory 1200 Blue, White, Silver Undiscovered
103 Choco 120 Black, Sweet, Bitter Chara Pafe Cafe
104 Whitey 120 White, Sweet, Winter Chara Pafe Cafe
105 Macaroon 240 Yellow, Pink, Sweet, Love Chara Pafe Cafe Visitor Machine
106 Patissier 800 Normal, White, Sweet Chara Pafe Cafe
107 Cakey 1280 Normal, Red, White, Sweet Merry Christmas, Funghi Hinadan, Cafe d'Funghi, Chara Pafe Cafe X-Mas Machine
108 Antlers 60 Red, Horn, Animal, Hair Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
109 Piney 80 Red, Green, Gold, Earth, Elec., Beauty, Plant, Winter Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
110 Gifty 120 Normal, Red, White, Winter Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
111 Belle 180 Gold, Metal Bike Rider X-Mas Machine
112 Eve 160 Normal, Red, Green, Gold, Metal, Holy, Plant, Winter Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
113 Illumi 240 Blue, Elec., Light, Beauty Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
114 Chory 350 Red, Yellow, White, Coexist, Holy, Winter Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
115 Mush Claus 480 Normal, Red, White, Old, Fortune, Holy, Hair, Winter Undiscovered X-Mas Machine, Visitor Machine
116 Capey 120 Normal, Red, White, Winter Undiscovered
117 Chimney 400 Black, Heat, Hard Undiscovered
118 Ornamenty 640 Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gold, Light, Beauty, Winter Undiscovered
119 Good Luck 6 Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Purple, Fortune Undiscovered Fortune Machine
120 Mini Luck 6 Red, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Fortune Undiscovered Fortune Machine
121 Bad Luck 6 Red, White, Black, Purple Undiscovered Fortune Machine
122 Springy 8 White, Heat Undiscovered
123 Juicy 40 Yellow, Green, Sweet, Sour, Plant, Winter Undiscovered
124 Squishy 80 White, Black, Heat, Water, Tasty, Winter Undiscovered
125 Bamboo 800 Normal, Green, Fortune, Winter Undiscovered
126 Sunny 1000 Yellow, Weather, Big, Light, Fortune Undiscovered
127 Toshidamy 500 Red, White, Gold, Fortune, Winter Undiscovered
128 Tushxdamy 5 Red, White, Silver, Metal, Fake, Fortune, Winter Undiscovered
129 Big Toshidamy 10000 Red, White, Gold, Big, Fortune, Strong, Winter Undiscovered
130 Cloudy 6 Blue, White, Weather, Ice, Fly Undiscovered
131 Lightning 56 Normal, Yellow, Green, Weather, Elec., Horn, Hair, Summer Nightly Clouds
132 Ozony 100 Purple, Poison Undiscovered
133 Spacy 901 Mystery Nightly Clouds Visitor Machine
134 Dragon 120 Red, Blue, Green, Long, Horn, Fly, Animal Undiscovered New Year Machine
135 Gold Angel 2500 Gold, Metal, Fly, Holy Undiscovered
136 Meteory 1800 Yellow, Rock, Hard, Light, Fly, Fast Undiscovered
137 Apey 36 Pink, Animal, Hair Funghi Circus, Funghi Onsen New Year Machine
138 Beary 210 Black, Big, Animal, Strong Funghi Circus
139 Horsey 1500 Normal, White, Gold, Metal, Royal Funghi Circus, Carp Streamer New Year Machine
140 Clowny 960 Normal, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Scary Undiscovered
141 Liony 610 Scary, Animal, Strong, Hair Merry Christmas, The Battle Cats Visitor Machine
142 Tamery 1010 Normal, Red, White, Black, Hair Undiscovered
143 Blossom 39 Green, Pink, Plant, Spring Funghi Academy, Funghi Hinadan Spring Machine
144 Buddy 12 Normal, Green, Earth, Plant Undiscovered Spring Machine
145 Dandelion 20 Yellow, Green, White, Earth, Plant, Spring Funghi New Year, Cafe d'Funghi Spring Machine
146 Horsetail 24 Earth, Plant, Spring Undiscovered Spring Machine
147 Blossy 203 Green, Pink, Plant Undiscovered Spring Machine
148 Trifoly 462 White, Earth, Plant, Spring Undiscovered Spring Machine
149 Springherb 793 Green, White, Earth, Plant, Winter Frisky Field Spring Machine
150 Shooty 500 Earth, Horn, Plant, Spring Undiscovered Spring Machine
151 Hayfever 524 Green, White, Spring, Fall Undiscovered Spring Machine
152 Springroll 860 Normal, Heat, Tasty Undiscovered Spring Machine
153 Vermicy 863 Green, White, Heat, Water, Dry, Tasty Funghi Onsen Spring Machine
154 Egg-roll 786 Normal, Green, White, Tasty Funghi Forest Spring Machine, Visitor Machine
155 Flowery 873 Pink, Spring Undiscovered Spring Machine
156 Puberty 449 Blue, Spring Beached Shore, Funghi New Year, Funghi Mine Spring Machine
157 Mommy 103 Yellow, Hair, Love Funghi Academy
158 Cray 362 Red, Water, Hard, Bug Undiscovered
159 Egghead 705 Red, Animal, Love Funghi New Year, Funghi Onsen, Fung Toy Box, Funghi Roll Cakes New Year Machine
160 Intelly 720 Blue Undiscovered
161 Scary 753 Red, White, Scary, Eerie, Hair Undiscovered
162 Boogy 1010 Normal, Red, Long, Mystery, Scary Undiscovered
163 Sea Funghi 451 Blue, Water, Light Undiscovered Beach Machine
164 Sluggo 705 Purple, Water Undiscovered Beach Machine
165 Crabby 810 Red, White, Water, Hard, Thorn Beached Shore, Fung-Sea Castle Beach Machine
166 Iguana 197 Green, Horn, Animal Undiscovered Beach Machine
167 Yachty 410 Red, Blue, Yellow, White Undiscovered Beach Machine
168 Big Fisher 1000 Normal Fung-Sea Castle, Carp Streamer, Riverside Camping Beach Machine
169 Caviar 3500 Blue, Water, Royal Undiscovered Beach Machine
170 Ammon 910 Water, Hard, Old Undiscovered Beach Machine
171 Lobsty 2500 Red, Blue, Water, Hard, Royal Funghi New Year Beach Machine
172 Tixdy 40 Blue, Water, Fake Undiscovered Beach Machine
173 Snappy 1010 Red, Water, Royal, Fortune Undiscovered
174 Halibuty 860 Water, Shape Undiscovered
175 Coelacanty 4650 Blue, Water, Old Undiscovered
176 Oarfishy 3000 Red, Blue, White, Water, Long Undiscovered
177 Camera 140 Green, Black, Silver, Light Undiscovered
178 Trainy 150 Green, Silver, Metal, Elec., Hard, Fast Fung Toy Box
179 Doory 1000 Red, Yellow, Metal, Elec., Coexist Undiscovered
180 Crammy 532 Normal, Yellow, Black, Heat, Group Undiscovered
181 Bowly 1500 Normal, Black, Silver, Heat, Metal, Group, Tasty Undiscovered
182 Convey 911 Blue, Mystery, Parasite, Fast Undiscovered
183 Gassy 1095 Sweet, Fortune Undiscovered
184 Surgery 1551 Blue, White, Metal, Long Undiscovered
185 Weathery 1230 Blue, Weather, Metal, Fly Nightly Clouds
186 Pumpy 808 Yellow, Black, Mystery Undiscovered
187 Gearhead 910 Silver, Metal Undiscovered
188 Handle 816 Red, Blue, White, Black Undiscovered
189 Barnacley 222 Normal, Water, Hard, Parasite, Scary, Bug Undiscovered
190 Seasluggy 304 Blue, Yellow, Water, Horn, Parasite, Bug Undiscovered
191 Bottley 1106 Normal, Hard, Mystery Undiscovered
192 Powdery 165 Normal, White, Poison, Parasite, Scary Undiscovered
193 Sprinkley 349 Blue, Mystery Funghi Onsen
194 Watermelony 415 Normal, Red, Green, Earth, Sweet, Plant, Summer Beached Shore
195 Batz 80 Purple, Fly, Scary, Animal, Fast Undiscovered Adventure Machine
196 Half-Hero 37 Normal, Red, Blue, Gold Undiscovered Adventure Machine
197 Back Sacky 296 Green, White, Mystery, Parasite Frisky Field Adventure Machine
198 Slimy 76 Yellow Funghi Castle Adventure Machine
199 Micey 70 Blue, Animal, Fast Funghi New Year, Ghostly Bridge Adventure Machine, New Year Machine
200 Snaily 260 Yellow, Hard, Horn, Bug Undiscovered Adventure Machine
201 Moldy 320 Normal, Green, Poison, Parasite, Scary Funghi Onsen Adventure Machine
202 Crusher 400 Gray, Earth, Rock, Hard Undiscovered Adventure Machine
203 Chilly 12 White, Purple, Ice, Spring, Winter Merry Christmas Adventure Machine
204 Snowcap 720 Blue, White, Earth, Rock, Ice, Big, Hard, Winter Undiscovered Adventure Machine
205 Diamond 500 Normal, Red, Green, Hair Undiscovered Adventure Machine
206 Canney 856 Red, Yellow, Metal, Hard, Mystery The Battle Cats Adventure Machine
207 Nap Sacky 729 Green, Black, Parasite Undiscovered Adventure Machine
208 Familiary 210 Purple, Small, Magi Undiscovered Adventure Machine
209 Darty 819 Red, Blue, Water, Poison, Animal Undiscovered Adventure Machine
210 Hissy 2205 Yellow, Poison, Mystery, Animal Undiscovered Adventure Machine, Visitor Machine
211 Ghosty 540 White, Fly, Scary, Eerie Undiscovered Adventure Machine
212 Stoney 1000 White, Black, Earth, Rock, Hard Undiscovered Adventure Machine
213 Coalie 165 Black, Earth, Rock, Hard, Old Undiscovered
214 Blasty 808 Red, Yellow, Black, Heat, Rock Undiscovered
215 Cartey 999 Metal, Hard, Mystery, Parasite, Fast Undiscovered
216 Cracky 96 Red, Yellow, Fortune 5th Anniversary X-Mas Machine
217 Candley 60 Normal, Red, Green, Heat, Light Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
218 Greety 965 Blue, Gray Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
219 Pointsetty 1000 Red, Green, Earth, Poison, Plant, Winter Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
220 Turkey 1091 Heat, Tasty, Fortune Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
221 Saint Mush 1224 Normal, Red, White, Old, Fortune, Holy, Hair Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
222 Tomte 160 Red, White, Earth, Small, Old, Hair, Love, Winter Undiscovered
223 Snow Girl 479 Blue, White, Ice, Old, Love, Winter Undiscovered
224 Morozy 1004 Blue, White, Weather, Ice, Horn, Old, Hair, Winter Undiscovered
225 Tigery 106 Normal, Red, Yellow, White, Mystery, Strong, Hair Undiscovered New Year Machine
226 Snaky 468 Red, White, Fortune, Animal, Holy Undiscovered New Year Machine
227 Sheepy 42 White, Black, Horn, Animal, Hair Undiscovered New Year Machine
228 Doggy 16 Animal, Hair Riverside Camping New Year Machine
229 Boary 144 Animal, Fast, Hair Frisky Field New Year Machine
230 Badgery 1102 Yellow, Long, Animal Funghi New Year New Year Machine
231 Soapy 85 White Undiscovered
232 Sauny 307 Red, White, Heat, Big, Strong, Hair Undiscovered
233 Beauty 450 Normal, White, Beauty Undiscovered
234 Bath Salty 987 Normal, Yellow, White, Earth, Rock, Hard Undiscovered
235 Eastery 112 Blue, Yellow, Pink, Old, Spring Undiscovered Spring Machine
236 Flower 260 Yellow, Green, Purple, Plant Funghi Hinadan Spring Machine
237 Bracky 300 Green, Earth, Bitter, Plant, Spring Undiscovered Spring Machine
238 Nnflip 500 Red, Green, Earth, Plant, Spring Undiscovered Spring Machine
239 Fuki 800 Green, Earth, Bitter, Plant, Spring Undiscovered Spring Machine
240 Clammy 809 Water, Hard, Bug, Spring Beached Shore, Funghi Hinadan Spring Machine
241 Shiney 1100 Yellow, Green, Weather, Plant Undiscovered Spring Machine
242 Katakagi 1500 Green, Purple, Earth, Plant, Spring Funghi Hinadan Spring Machine
243 Bonbory 101 Pink, Light, Old Undiscovered
244 Hishi 404 Green, White, Black, Pink, Old, Fortune Undiscovered
245 Tachibany 587 Yellow, Green, Sour, Plant Funghi Hinadan
246 Fung Bako 785 Normal, White, Small, Hard, Old Undiscovered
247 Fondue 420 Normal, Yellow, Heat, Metal, Tasty Frisky Field, Cafe d'Funghi Visitor Machine
248 Naadam 706 Normal, Blue, Black, Big, Strong, Hair Funghi Forest Visitor Machine
249 Planter 1000 Normal, Green, Earth, Plant, Shape Funghi Forest Visitor Machine
250 Aurora 1066 White, Light, Beauty Funghi Forest Visitor Machine
251 Fungcula 796 Normal, Red, Blue, Royal, Old, Magi Frisky Field Visitor Machine
252 Islandy 400 Normal, Green, White, Heat, Hair, Summer Undiscovered Visitor Machine
253 Blue Carp 51 Blue, White, Big, Old, Fortune, Strong, Spring Undiscovered
254 Red Carp 151 Red, White, Old, Fortune, Spring Undiscovered
255 Goshiki 527 Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Old, Fortune, Spring Undiscovered
256 Wind Wheel 800 Red, Yellow, Old, Fortune, Spring Undiscovered
257 Goodie 541 Yellow, Gold, Silver, Mystery, Fortune Undiscovered
258 Kohaky 589 Red, White, Coexist, Fortune Undiscovered
259 Cheers 480 Red, Green, Gold, Hard, Fortune Undiscovered
260 Celebraty 1017 Yellow, Beauty, Fortune Undiscovered
261 B-Day 630 Blue, White, Heat, Fortune Undiscovered
262 White Cat 462 White, Animal, Fast Undiscovered
263 Tommy 708 Yellow, Animal, Fast The Battle Cats
264 Fortressy 431 Rock, Hard, Group Undiscovered
265 Tanky 754 Red, Blue, Silver, Metal, Hard Undiscovered
266 Parasoily 300 Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Summer Cafe d'Funghi Beach Machine
267 Moray 589 Water, Parasite, Scary Fung-Sea Castle Beach Machine
268 Coconutty 557 Green, Hard, Sweet, Plant, Summer Beached Shore Beach Machine
269 Loggy 697 Big, Strong, Summer Beached Shore, Riverside Camping Beach Machine
270 Oystery 1000 White, Water, Beauty Fung-Sea Castle Beach Machine
271 Coraly 1600 Pink, Water, Group, Beauty Fung-Sea Castle Beach Machine
272 Man-o-Fung 480 Blue, Water, Poison, Thorn, Scary, Summer Undiscovered
273 Beachcomber 507 Normal, Dry, Hard Undiscovered
274 Campy 50 Blue, Horn Undiscovered
275 Barbie-Q 89 Heat, Horn, Tasty, Shape Undiscovered
276 Smokey 124 Heat, Metal, Dry, Hard, Tasty Undiscovered
277 Guitar 754 Yellow, White, Mystery, Fly, Holy Undiscovered
278 Bittery 30 Black, Bitter Undiscovered
279 Mocha 150 Black, Heat, Water, Sweet, Bitter Undiscovered
280 Omletty 350 Red, Yellow, Tasty Cafe d'Funghi
281 Master 440 White, Black, Dry Undiscovered
282 Sugar Cane 310 Green, Sweet, Plant Undiscovered
283 Tea Party 518 Green, Heat, Water, Hard, Tasty Undiscovered
284 Crow 387 Black, Fly, Animal Frisky Field
285 Vegi King 831 Red, Green, Gold, Earth, Royal, Plant Undiscovered
286 Plushy 963 Blue, Love Merry Christmas X-Mas Machine
287 Starry 847 Red, Gold, Light, Mystery, Fly Merry Christmas X-Mas Machine
288 DX Piney 1224 Red, Green, Gold, Earth, Elec., Beauty, Plant, Winter Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
289 Mega Claus 1225 Red, White, Big, Old, Fortune, Holy, Hair, Winter Undiscovered X-Mas Machine
290 Blowy 260 Red, Elec., Light, Winter Undiscovered
291 Socks 924 Normal, Red, White, Love, Winter Undiscovered
292 Father Claus 480 Green, White, Old, Fortune, Holy, Hair, Winter Undiscovered
293 Befany 1060 Black, Purple, Dry, Old, Fly, Magi, Love, Winter Undiscovered
294 Aubergy 747 Purple, Earth, Tasty, Plant, Summer Undiscovered New Year Machine
295 Falconry 809 Black, Fly, Fast Undiscovered New Year Machine
296 Fuji 2437 Blue, White, Earth, Big, Beauty Undiscovered New Year Machine
297 Tonosamy 1950 White, Gold, Royal, Old Funghi New Year
298 Kagamimochi 88 White, Hard, Old, Tasty, Fortune, Winter Undiscovered
299 Choco Bar 245 Black, Mystery, Sweet, Bitter, Love Undiscovered
300 Bon Bon 780 Red, Purple, Sweet, Bitter, Tasty Undiscovered
301 Sweetheart 1410 Pink, Sweet, Love, Winter Undiscovered
302 Kin-rikyu 1000 Green, Heat, Old, Bitter Funghi Roll Cakes
303 Konpei 510 Yellow, Green, Pink, Thorn, Sweet Undiscovered
304 Dangly 800 Red, Pink, Beauty, Love, Spring Undiscovered
305 Creamy 916 White, Sweet, Scary Undiscovered
306 Rolly 606 Red, White, Sweet Undiscovered
307 Glacagy 930 Normal, Sweet, Beauty Undiscovered
308 Burgy 720 Tasty, Shape Riverside Camping
309 Firefly 867 Red, Green, Black, Light, Fly, Bug Undiscovered
310 Roasty 529 Heat, Tasty Undiscovered
311 Oniony 200 Earth, Spicy, Plant Riverside Camping
312 Outdoors 851 Normal, Green Undiscovered
313 Spade 117 Normal, Black, Silver, Hard, Holy Undiscovered Adventure Machine
314 Heart 127 Normal, Red, Pink, Holy, Strong Undiscovered Adventure Machine
315 Mimicy 339 Red, Fake, Magi Fung-Sea Castle Adventure Machine
316 Wyrmy 450 Green, Horn, Parasite, Scary, Magi Funghi Castle Adventure Machine
317 Hero 610 Normal, Blue, Gold, Holy Undiscovered Adventure Machine
318 Evil 550 Blue, White, Royal, Magi Undiscovered Adventure Machine
319 Chesty 100 Normal, Red, Gold, Metal Undiscovered
320 Gobliny 52 Green, Small, Horn, Magi Undiscovered
321 Troll 106 Green, Big, Magi, Strong Undiscovered
322 B. Knight 964 Normal, Black, Silver, Mystery, Fast, Magi Undiscovered
323 Trickster 58 Green, Water, Eerie Cafe d'Funghi Yokai Machine
324 Shady 53 Old, Eerie, Shape Undiscovered Yokai Machine
325 Lanterny 202 Heat, Old, Fast, Eerie, Shape Undiscovered Yokai Machine
326 Cry Baby 574 Blue, Rock, Dry, Hard, Old, Eerie Undiscovered Yokai Machine
327 Licky 766 Purple, Eerie Funghi Onsen Yokai Machine
328 Wally 350 Gray, Rock, Dry, Hard, Eerie Undiscovered Yokai Machine
329 Catty 48 Purple, Old, Animal, Fast, Eerie Undiscovered
330 Drapy 300 White, Fly, Parasite, Fast, Eerie Undiscovered
331 Bottomy 210 Blue, Water, Metal Undiscovered
332 Orcay 481 White, Black, Water, Animal Undiscovered
333 Submariny 320 Blue, Yellow, Water, Metal, Elec. Undiscovered
334 Sea Horsey 12 Yellow, Green, Water, Horn, Animal Undiscovered
335 Otohime 794 Pink, Water, Light, Beauty, Love Undiscovered
336 Spoon 347 Gray, Silver, Metal, Hard Cafe d'Funghi
337 Marshy 460 White, Sweet Undiscovered
338 Scone 510 Yellow, Sweet Undiscovered
339 Macchiato 800 Normal, White, Heat, Bitter Undiscovered
340 Brown Bun 180 Normal, Animal, Hair, Love, Fall Chara Pafe Cafe
341 Spongy 320 Yellow, Dry, Shape Chara Pafe Cafe
342 Sandae 888 Blue, White, Sweet, Beauty, Love Undiscovered
343 Foie Gras 409 Normal, Tasty Funghi Onsen
344 Yuzuy 400 Yellow, Green, Sour, Plant Undiscovered
345 Geysery 500 Red, Heat, Earth, Rock, Hard Undiscovered
346 Hot Springy 610 Red, Heat, Water Carp Streamer
347 Union 2160 Pink, Silver, Metal, Hard, Light, Love Fung Toy Box
348 Tin Can 250 Silver, Metal, Old Undiscovered
349 Blocky 269 Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Hard, Coexist Undiscovered
350 Kiddy 340 Small, Old, Fortune Undiscovered Yokai Machine
351 Carty 380 Black, Purple, Horn, Old, Scary, Fast, Eerie Funghi Hinadan Yokai Machine
352 Beany 414 Purple, Sweet, Scary, Eerie Undiscovered Yokai Machine
353 Lunch Box 1085 Red, Black, Gold, Small, Tasty, Fortune Funghi Hinadan
354 Five Beans 500 Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, Small, Group, Fortune Funghi Hinadan
355 Kagoy 550 Black, Gold, Old Undiscovered
356 Super Funghi 1938 Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Big, Fast, Strong Undiscovered Manly Machine
357 Mastery 480 Purple, Old, Strong Undiscovered Manly Machine
358 Chimaki 505 Green, White, Long, Sweet, Fortune Undiscovered
359 ??? ??? Black, Gold, Fortune ???