Pengy is one of the Mutant funghi in the original game and can be also be grown in NEO using Visitor Machine and Beach Machine.


Resembles a small grey and white penguin with a pale gold beak and feet.

Description Edit

Mushroom Garden

"Forget Funghi Food, I want some fish!"
Mushroom Garden Deluxe

Neo Mushroom Garden

"Uses his slippery slime to slide around the room. Can't stop nor turn though."
Theme Comments
Beached Shore : "Just loves watermelon."
Funghi Station : "Forgets to charge the IC card."
Funghi Roll Cakes: "Frozen like a popsicle."


"Moves faster when sliding on its belly. But chooses to toddle around as others think that is more cute."

Trivia Edit

It contains spoiler of NEO Mushroom Garden.
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  • Personality : Cool
  • Skill : Poker Face
  • Favorite Line : Absolute Zero
  • Favorite Place : In the Fridge
  • Charm Point : Penguin-like Hands
  • Weak Point : Germs
  • Habit : Live in Groups
  • Worries : Never grows up

Gallery Edit

  • Pengy Original Library Entry
  • Walk-A-Funghi Entry

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