Poly is one of rare variation of Funghi.


Appears to be a slanted yellow mushroom along with a Funghi that sitting on it with a juice.

Description Edit

Mushroom Garden
“Which is a Funghi?
They both are!
Don't be fooled.”
Mushroom Garden Deluxe
“What a cute Dracula!
The drink is tomato
juice... right?
That's about 3☆.”
NEO Mushroom Garden
“Any funghi cannot resist sitting
on this comfy thing.
Also known as "Funghi Trap."”
Theme Comments
Funghi Academy : “I actually teach well.”
Cafe d' Funghi : "My cafe style."
Chara Pafe Café : “Checking up on its rivalry.”

Trivia Edit

It contains spoiler of NEO Mushroom Garden.
Click [Expand] to open collapsed information.

  • Personality : Enduring
  • Skill : 8 Step Reclining
  • Favorite Line : The Epic Moment
  • Favorite Place : Exhibition
  • Charm Point : Shiny Cap
  • Weak Point : Under the Cap
  • Pros : Fits Just Right
  • Wants to Say : The bottom one is me


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