The design for the funghi Squishy is based on - Zōni (雑煮), often with the honorific "o-" as o-zōni, is a Japanese soup containing mochi rice cakes. Which is a common dish eaten as part of Japanese new years celebrations.

Description Edit

Mushroom Garden Seasons
"Boiled Funghi is so
soft, even Granny
can chew it!"
Mushroom Garden Deluxe
"Reason to gain weight.
Preaches how tasty he is
especially to those who
are on a diet. How mean.

NEO Mushroom Garden

"Actually is "Water" type
attribute. Soup, but water
is water after all."

Trivia Edit

It contains spoiler of NEO Mushroom Garden.
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  • Personality : Flexible
  • Skill : Carrot Decoration
  • Favorite Line : Hearty
  • Favorite Place : In a Fancy Bowl
  • Charm Point : Texture
  • Weak Point : Calories
  • Interested in : Kinchaku Bag Mochi
  • Rival : Sweet Bean Soup

Gallery Edit

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